About SCARmed

SCARmed – Silicone Gel For Scar Treatment

SCARmed is a rapidly drying, advanced
Silicone gel formulation used for:

  • Treatment of Scars both Old and New
  • Softening and Flattening of raised scars
  • Prevention and treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars
  • Relieve the itching, pain and discomfort of scars

The use of Topical Silicone Gel has been clinically proven to lighten, soften and flatten scars. Silicone gel is also widely recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons as a first line of treatment for many types of scars.

SCARmed has been developed for use on all type of scars
including those resulting from general surgery, trauma, chronic wounds and burns.

How to Apply Scarmed

SCARmed scar therapy gel is the proven and convenient once-daily solution for the prevention and treatment of scars – old and new
Class 1 Medical Device. TGA registered.